A state-of-the-art thermal sensor
designed for commercial drones.

The Workswell WIRIS is a compact system that combines a thermal camera, a digital camera and a processor unit that provides you with the most accurate data you have ever seen. 


Thermal Sensor





The built-in computer saves the radiometric data (single pictures and videos) and let’s you fully control the device while recording. By only using one button during your flights, it is possible to real-time change temperature scale settings, measurement parameters (emissivity and apparent reflected temperature), temperature alarms, etc. This is what makes the system so unique. These possibilities are the exact reason why you should acquire a drone!



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Features Not just a Sensor

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    Full Remote Control of all Settings and Updates

    All settings can be controlled easily and during flights. The system retains all settings at the time of shutdown. When repeating measurements, it is therefore not necessary to redefine the parameters in the system. You can repeatedly carry out your assignments very efficiently and quickly. Further measuring functions can be used during analysis on a PC in the CorePlayer Software.

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    Temperature Ranging

    Completely new and unique compared to similar systems is to manually setup temperature scales during flights. It guarantees a consistent color scheme in the images – in other words, a certain temperature always has the same color, whether the object is in a hot or cold environment.

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    Temperature Measurements

    The WIRIS automatically shows you the exact minimum, maximum and center point temperature that’s been captured

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    Isotherms and Alarms

    Setup custom isotherms and alarms. With Isotherms you can filter out the temperature you want to detect and let the system automatically notify you when temperature in the scene exceeds the selected limit.

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    You can choose one of the 14 palettes for the best visual representation of a measured scene.

WIRIS Thermal Package

  • Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system
  • Your chosen lens
  • Calibration certificate
  • USB Flash drive 32Gb
  • HDMI cable
  • Servo connectors (PWM)
  • Power supply cable
  • Software “Workswell CorePlayer” licence
  • Hard transport case
  • SBus
  • CAN bus for UAV & GPS
  • Full drone integration
  • A faster 10Hz GPS with a jack connector
  • The new TIFF format for storage of images
  • A possibility of controlling the equipment through TCP/IP
  • Real time hours are significantly more accurate now
  • Digital outputs for the autopilot and GPS synchronisation
  • An integrated stabilised source for the RC receiver
  • 4 openings for an easier installation on the gimbal

The thermal camera has a resolution of up to 640 × 512 pixels and a temperature range of -40 ° C to 1500 ° C. High-quality sensor with a sensitivity of 50mK (0.05 ° C) (30MK (0.03 ° C) on request) ensures minimal noise in the images.





The parallel display of the digital camera enables better orientation so that the user can easily route the UAV to the desired location. Monitoring objects at a greater distances is made easy by the zoom function. The thermal camera has continuous digital zoom (up to 14x), the camera for the visible spectrum even zooms up to 16x.

The system produces radiometric data. This function makes it possible to obtain all the necessary information from the acquired data during the analysis in our software. If you later decide to change one of the images, for example, the pallet, then setting the temperature range or emissivity is very simple. In addition to radiometric images, radiometric video is recorded. Any radiometric video image can be used as an independent thermogram and can be analysed.

GPS navigation is an optional system accessory. Once connected, the information which will be displayed in the interface: coordinates, speed, number of designed satellites and altitude. Information about the position is automatically stored as META data for each image and is available to each image in our software program. It can be used in further programs such as Pix4D.

Each Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system is shipped fully calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. The measurement precision of each WIRIS system is tested using reference sources over the whole range of measured temperatures.


Coreplayer Software

CorePlayer provides all the necessary functions for the analysis of thermograms for nearly all applications. CorePlayer enables you to edit the acquired data, export it to other formats (PNG, AVI etc.) and create self contained reports. All common functions are available in the software for the analysis of radiometric data, as well as the usual functions like creation of protocols, 3D models and highly detailed analysis of radiometric videos, including editing sequences and the option to store individual images, etc.


Analyse Your Data

Simple images will be insufficient and you will need to conduct an analysis and produce a self-contained document with clearly defined conclusions drawn from your measurements.

3D Sample Data


Applications A solution in many ways

Security / Search & Rescue / Firefighting


Ensure the security of our people with thermal imaging: see through fog, smoke, vegetation and bad weather. Enable your night-vision and set temperature alarms on certain targets (humans or animals). Thermal cameras are good to use as a safe guard for buildings or areas. Detecting all living-beings from a far distance, no matter the circumstances. A thermal camera and a drone combined gives security companies, rescuers and fire fighters several major advantages as well as the ability to observe and investigate large areas from a safe distance.

Industrial Inspections

Detect industrial defects that can result in energy or material losses and/or security risks.

A thermal camera can expose problems that cannot be seen on a traditional camera. Defects that can lead to serious problems in the near future can be obtained from the air.


High Voltage

Inspect all kinds of power constructions, detecting defects can prevent energy losses and fire outbreaks.


Building Diagnostics

Detect water and heat leakage of a building with just one easy flight.



Inspect pipelines even below the ground and expand your view from the air. Detect weak areas and corrosion, stay ahead of problems.


Solar Fields

Check the cells of your solar panels, find the weak spots and maximise energy production.