HeatCase Basic


HeatCase Basic



The HeatCase is equipped with a electrical temperature control. It heats the batteries to approx. 38 °C. The heater is equipped with an additional temperature fuse, which prevents system heating above 65 ° C if the control fails.

The bottom plate inside the suitcase is a light grey powder coated aluminum plate which is not electrically conductive and mostly scratch resistant. In addition, the edge insulation is glued for optimised isolation.

Input voltage 12-14 volts DC stabilised
Power 50 watts at 13.8 volts
Standby 17 Wh at 0 °C outside temperature
Temperature About 38 °C in the middle, not adjustable
Case Size M
External dimensions 378 x 300 x 152 mm
Internal dimensions 316 x 232 x 50 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Reverse polarity protection
Safety Thermal fuse – prevents heating above 65 ° C
EU Declaration of Conformity CE