HEIGHT technologies has it’s unique 6-in-one mapping solution. This so called Hélicéo solution designs and produces drone mapping and innovative measuring tools for surveyors, topographers, and cartographers, using professional L1/L2 RTK technology. Specializing in geomatics, the company offers comprehensive solutions for aerial, terrestrial and bathymetric cartography for 3D georeferenced mapping. Fully automated, Hélicéo’s products include VTOL airplanes, multirotors and aquatic equipment, as well as other terrestrial photogrammetry device. All of these products use one of a kind DroneBox technology: a modular “Plug and Play” core which works with all Hélicéo’s products, thus reducing hardware investment.

A turn-key productivity tool kit to improve your geomatic survey tasks

We deliver the services you need:

  • Finding the product you need and help you during your first missions
  • Delivering the right software to manage your data efficiently
  • Flight and software training
  • Consultancy in photogrammetry


Plug & Play: 

The DroneBox connector was designed to adapt to all our mapping products. The DroneBox can easily be connected from one device to another with no fuss.


With DroneBox you have access to six different products and applications. From terrestrial survey through bathymetry to aerial survey.

Data transmission: 

Your mission is complete – how do you recover the flight data (photographs, logs, GNSS data)? Just plug the DroneBox into your computer using a USB cable.


DroneBox Slim DroneBox RTK
GNSS Accuracy 1.0m to 3.0m 0.025 m
Frequency band L1 L1/L2
Avionic system Inertial unit/altimetre
Inertial unit/altimetre
Autopilot Yes Yes
Navigation on a curved path Yes Yes
Change of mission during flight Yes Yes
Creating an orthophoto path from a mission perimeter Yes Yes



The FoxyWalk carries the DroneBox RTK and is usable in backpack mode or with a GNSS rover. It is collapsible, with weight and dimensions for easy transport and quick storage. The FoxyWalk is also compatible with a 360 ° prism for total robotic station.

Data accuracy:

Thanks to DroneBox RTK and a 20 to 24 megapixel HD sensor, each photo may be georeferenced with precision and a high density acquisition of several million points may be achieved.

Rapid acquisition: 

Survey your sites 3 times faster than a conventional GPS rover thanks to movement planning with automatic photo shooting using GNSS positioning (optionally semi-automatic or manual).


Sensor: HD digital sensor with 20 or 24 megapixels
Receiver: Trimble RTK GNSS receiver with geodesic georeferencing
Movement planning with automatic photo shooting using GNSS positioning (optionally semi-automatic or manual)
Operator movement control with tablet
Compatible with a 360 ° prism for total robotic station
Collapsible with weight and dimension for easy transport and quick storage
Data compatible with the Hélicéo photogrammetry chain and Pix4D
Deliverables: point clouds, facade orthophotos, line-route maps
Data compatible with the HélicéoCloud consultation and storage platform
Foxy Walk may be used with a backpack or GPS rover.


Quick setup:

The Fox4 is a highly functional drone that may be deployed in less than 5 min. It can scan up to 1,5km² in one flight, therefore it is ideal for small-scale surveys.

Small & portable: 

Weighing only 4 kg with removable blades and folding arms and feet, Fox4 is very easy to transport.

Choice of flight mode: 

Fox4 is simple to handle manually for inspection missions, but can also be used in automatic mode for larger scale missions.

Fly with LiDAR System and Photogrammetric System

Thanks to the “Hconnect” universal connection development, the SuperFox6 is compatible with the LiDAR and Photogrammetric Systems designed by Hélicéo. Choose, fix and fly, it’s as simple as that.


LiDAR and photogrammetric drone surveyor: 

The SuperFox6 drone is fully automated and has an endurance of 43 minutes. It can carry out a wide variety of topographic surveys. The SuperFox6 drone surveyor is designed for large photogrammetric missions. It is also compatible with the new Hélicéo LiDAR System.

Wind resistance: 

Hélicéo drones are known for their exceptional wind resistance. The SuperFox6 further pushes the limits of the exercise with 55 Km / h of wind resistance. With a new engine power generation offering a 20% increase in wind resistance, it is even more powerful. It allows you to fly in extreme conditions for more mission opportunities.

Data accuracy: 

In order to save you even more time during your missions, Hélicéo designed the Trimble RTK Drone Box and the HASK software. They allow you to break free from the time-consuming stage of target positioning in the field. The HASK and the DroneBox allow you to achieve a 3 cm accuracy in X and Y and 5 cm in Z.


Fox4 SuperFox6
Vehicle type multirotor drone multirotor drone
Thrust 4 blades and brushless motors 6 blades and brushless motors
Max takeoff weight 5kg max 10kg max
Max payload 0,3kg 4kg
Battery life with load Up to 25 Min Up to 43 Min
Gimbal 2-axis gyroscope 2-axis gyroscope
Max speed 50km/h (31 mph) 50km/h (31 mph)
Wind resistance 50km/h (31 mph) 55km/h (31 mph)
Mission speed 30km/h (18 mph) 30km/h (18 mph)
Control distance 2 km 10 km
Scan surface Up to 20 ha (49 acres) Up to 150 ha (370 acres)
Safety Parachute Pyrotechnic Parachute
Materials Carbon Aeronautical Carbon and Aluminum

Fusion VTOL

Simple deployment:

Easy to transport and deploy on site thanks to its detachable wings, Fusion is a compact and very comprehensive tool. Its low-speed aerodynamic profile allows you to take photos without blurring.

Data accuracy:

Thanks to RTK technology and a 16 megapixel sensor, each photo may be georeferenced with precision, allowing a high density acquisition of millions of points to be achieved.

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL): 

A major innovation in UAV durability, Fusion has no need for a runway. It can take off from an area with limited space and land safely in a difficult environment.


Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL): 

A major innovation in UAV durability, FoxyPro has no need for a runway. It can take off from an area with limited space and land safely in a difficult environment.

Data accuracy: 

Thanks to the DroneBox RTK and a 24 megapixel sensor, each photo may be georeferenced with precision, allowing a high density acquisition of millions of points.

Large scale missions: 

Featuring over an hour of battery life, FoxyPro is capable of mapping up to 400 ha (988 acres) in a single flight. Perfect for missions involving several dozen hectares.


Fusion FoxyPro
Vehicle type VTOL airplane VTOL airplane
Takeoff and landing Vertical (VTOL) Vertical (VTOL)
Thrust 5 blades and brushless motors 5 blades and brushless motors
Wingspan 2m 3,2m
Max takeoff weight 5,5kg max 11kg max
Max payload 0,3kg 2kg
Battery life with load 60 Min 60 minutes
Max speed 120km/h (75 mph) 120km/h (75 mph)
Wind resistance in-flight (gusts): 50km/h (31 mph) 50km/h (31 mph)
Mission speed 47km/u to 70km/h 60km/h (37 mph)
Crossing distance 70km 73km
Scan surface 100 ha (247 acres) to 300 ha (741 acres) 100 ha (247 acres) to 300 ha (741 acres)
Materials Composite Composite



Thanks to the different sensor choices we offer (echo sounder, 16 or 32 beams LiDAR, multiparameter probe, SONAR Side Scan), you can acquire mesh data from just a few centimeters up to a meter.


With a weight of 6,8 kg and reduced set-up time, SuperBathy requires only one operator (instead of the traditional 2 or 3 operators) and may be operated directly from the bank.


With manual and automatic steering, SuperBathy helps you survey your sites 10 times faster than with a boat.


SuperBathy not only helps in monitoring ports, marinas, sea areas, rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds or lagoons but also helps to identify critical areas or dangerous objects for navigation. Finally, it allows periodic monitoring of siltation and supervision of marine sites by performing calculations of cubatures and editing DTMs (Digital Terrain Models).


The echosounder is ideal for assessing the seabed topography. This electronic device measures the depth and detects the presence of obstacles.


Sonar Side Scan

The essential for professional underwater imaging SONAR Side Scan provides you sophisticated digital images of the seabed surface.


Multiparameter Probe

Multiparameter probe for water analysis Calculates up to 14 different water quality settings.



Vehicle type Catamaran
Navigation Fully autonomous (or manual)
Dismountable Yes
Deployment time Less than 10 minutes
Endurance Up to 10 hours
Cruise speed 1.0 to 2.0 m/s typical (3.9 knots)
Maximum speed 2.5 m/s (4.9 knots)
Crossing distance  Up to 18 linear km (9.7 mi)
Temperature range 10°C to 45°C (air)
Materials  EPP foam, Composite structure
Dimensions 820mm x 1130mm x 755mm
Weight c/w standard echo-sounder 6,8 kg
Motors • 2 underwater engines by float (Standard floats)
• 4 underwater engines by float (Super floats)
• Aerial Propulsion
Batteries 2 Lithium Polymere
Remote 2.4 GHz and other (ask us)
Telemetry  433-868-933 Mhz and other (ask us)
Video (FPV) 5.8 GHz and other (ask us)
Typical surveying area (1.6 m/s) 18 ha/h (45 acres/h)
Software Mission planning (HASK – Planner)

GNSS Processing (HASK – Geoprocessor)

Output data  Latitude, Longitude, Altitude – WGS 84



Mono-frequency decimetre echo sounder
  • Beam width: 7°
  • 200 KHz
  • Decimetre resolution
  • Up to 100 m depth
Mono-frequency centimetre echo sounder
  • Beam width: 6°
  • 500 KHz
  • Centimetre resolution
  • Up to 50 m depth
Bi-frequency echo sounder
  • Beam width: 9° to 26°
  • 30/200 KHz
  • Centimetre resolution
  • Up to 50 m depth

HASK Software

High accuracy:

Thanks to a unique algorithm, HASK GeoProcessor provide high accuracy data georeferencing.

Universal software: 

HASK GeoProcessor is designed to work with all Hélicéo’s products: all vectors and both DroneBox Slim and RTK.


A simple interface, fast and easy to use.

Advantages of HASK GeoProcessor Without With HASK GeoProcessor
With 1 GCP XY : 5 cm / Z : 10 cm XY : 2-3 cm / Z : 5 cm
GCP-Free XY : 10 cm / Z : 30 cm XY : 5 cm / Z : 8-10 cm

The output of the software is a file with the position of each measure acquired by the sensor.
This file is compatible with different processing software such as Pix4D or MicMac.

LiDAR Integration

RTK LiDAR system: 

Developed by Hélicéo for the topography market, the 16-beam (H16) and 32-beam (H32) LiDAR Systems incorporate the industry’s best components for LiDAR head, RTK geo positioning and inertial tracking. After 4 years experience with Trimble GNSS RTK cards, Hélicéo naturally turned to Trimble Applanix cards as well as the Trimble PostPack and RealWorks software suite.

Speed of data acquisition: 

The measurement by LiDAR is direct and does not require post-processing. The sensor can survey until 300,000 points per second and thus cover up to 50ha (123 acres) in a single flight.

Easily transportable:

LiDAR technology can be embedded easily on a drone thanks to its light weight.

High precision data: 

The laser data are accurate to a few centimeters.

This system is integrated with drone multi-rotor Fox6 from the Hélicéo range of products.



Fox6 LiDAR Package
Number of lasers 16 single beams and dual echo
Measurement Range up to 100m
Accuracy ± 3cm
Field of view 360° (Horizontal) / 30° (Vertical)
Rate Single Return Mode: -300,000 points / sec

Dual Return Mode: -600,000 points / sec

Protection IP67 (Dust and Water)
IMU Roll & Pitch 0.025° PPK
Typical scanning area  Up to 50 ha (123 acres)
Mission planning  HASK – Planner
GNSS processing POSPac MMS and HASK Geoprocessor
Output Georeferenced point cloud (.XYZ, .LAS, .LAZ)
Point cloud processing Trimble RealWorks